The system detects the intrusion attempt before the potential intruder enters the protected area. In this way the system provides an early warning, which prevents, as well as deters, any intrusive action

Integrated infrasonic sensors
Extremely sensitive internal microphone for remote acoustic monitoring of the protected area
Embedded thermometer sensor
Embedded alarm siren
Internal Lithium battery for independent operation (1000 mAh) ensuring uninterrupted 24hr operation (in case of power outage)
Light Sensor
Easy to use keypad and LCD display
Input for external sensors. InfiSENSIS can be connected through this input to a plethora of commercial sensors, such as infrared radars electromagnetic traps, motion detectors etc.
Relay output (NO/NC) for the remote control & operation of light and home appliances
Remote access via SMS or phone calls
Home Environmental conditions monitoring (e.g. temperature, light sensors)
GSM unit for sending alarm notifications through SMS or phone calls
Urgent Help- Personal Alarm Activation (the system makes automatic calls to pre-stored phone numbers and switches on its ultra-sensitive microphone so that the remote user can acoustically monitor the protected area).
Embedded boot loader application for future firmware updates
News- Announcements
On line manual
Set up suggested values
Software upgrades
User Support Forum

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